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  • Xiomara restaurant on Melrose features local, seasonal and fresh modern Cuban cuisine
  • Modern Cuban Cuisine
  • Fusion of Modern Cuban and California fresh flavors
  • contemporary recipes and original ethnic cuban flavor

Join us for the best of MODERN CUBAN CUISINE

Los Angeles Times:

First Bite – Gastropub Sans the Pub, or Xiomara Reconsidered
by Jonathan Gold

"Xiomara shed its accent and turned into a California bistro, a bit less sleek this time, but also grounded in modern French cooking and geared toward small plates.

"The dishes ... are congruent with the farmers-market-tinged cooking you find at places like Lazy Ox and the Yard, things like pork-stuffed squid with shell beans in a garlicky romesco sauce; crisp pork belly with sunchokes and a smoky-charred eggplant puree that makes the concoction taste like bacon; and lamb ribs with pickled green beans.

"The braised pork chop with pancetta, kale and pork is beautifully balanced for a dish that is essentially pork-on-pork-on pork, and the seared sea bass with butternut squash and a fried crisp of its skin is a preparation that would have been a standout even at Sona.

"It’s odd to think of a 20-year-old restaurant as a promising newcomer, but Xiomara is again a restaurant to watch."

Xiomara Ardolina, Owner and Executive Chef at Xiomara on Melrose


Xiomara Ardolina is proud of contributing to and shaping the rich and diverse landscape of restaurants in the Los Angeles area


award-winning mojito


Our signature drink served in a leaning glass and made with fresh squeezed sugar cane juice, fresh lime juice, mint and rum




Modern Cuban cuisine means traditional dishes using contemporary recipes, original ethnic flavors and fresh local produce